Safety product & Signage

4SAFE Safety carabiner

•Screw gate : Twisted locking•Standards : CE0082; EN362:2004•Alloy Steel, Heat Treated•Breaking Stre..

4SAFE Single Lanyard

•Tear Web Lanyard = 1.8 Meters•Consists of :* 1x Energy Absorber* 1x Rebar Hook* 1X Forged Snap Hook..

4SAFE Twin Lanyard

•Twin Access Tear Web Lanyard x 1.8 Meters•Consists of :* 1x Energy Absorber* 1x D Ring* 2x Rebar Ho..

Back Support Belt

•Provides•Back Support Belt.•Colour : Black•Removable suspenders with adjustable clip•Fully enclose ..

Barricade Tape

•Reflective and luminous tape mark off emergency areas to make sure everyone exits safe and sound -e..

Fire Blanket

•These fire blankets quickly smother flames to minimize burn injuries or prevent a fire spreading.•C..

Full Body Harness

•1 Dorsal D-ring for fall arrest•Parachute mating buckles•Nylon or polyester material available•Adju..

Hi Vis Vest Yellow

•Zipper fastener with black bidding to Garment Edges EN471 Approved Micro-prismatic Reflective Mater..

Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MS1539

•Selection and installation should be according to MS1539 Part 3.•Inspection and maintenance should ..

Ratchet Tie Down

•100% Polyester material•Complies to BS EN 12195-2•Heavy duty tie down 900kg to 10,000kg are availab..

Safety Signages

•Constant diligence is required of facility managers whose responsibilities include ensuring that fa..

Traffic Cone

•Place Traffic Cones inside or outside-anywhere you want to create a smooth flow of vehicle and pede..

Webbing Sling

•100% Polyester material•Complies to ES EN 1492-1..

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