Yellow Web Tool Lanyard (SDLANWEB)

Yellow Web Tool Lanyard (SDLANWEB)

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Use in combination with

  • Suitable for usage in combination with a waist and shoulder working at height bag.
  • Suitable for usage in combination with bucket type rope access bag.
  • Suitable for usage in combination with Cherry Picker bag.


  • Especially when using multiple tools simultaneously in combination with the above mentioned bags, this product is the tool lanyard of choice. It is least likely to get entangled. The lanyards are easily placed inside and taken out of the bags.
  • The web tool lanyard features 2 screw gated carabiners. One side attaches to a ring inside one of the bags mentioned above. The other side attaches to the tool attachment point.
  • Its simplicity in design allows for easy inspection by the end user.
  • The Yellow Web Tool Lanyard material is UV protected, offering a longer reliable life span.

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